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PostSubject: [U#2]Gameplay[RULES]   Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:54 am

1. Creating a town:
-Only the king can be able to create towns and cities. The king has to follow the TownCreationGuidelines.
2.Creating a faction:
-You need 5 Players to create a Faction. Post a Topic in the Forums with each of the players replied on the topic. Any faction with less than 5 Players will get deleted.
3. Building houses.
-It is not allowed to build houses inside towns. It is allowed to build them in the wilderness.
There are several conditions that must be held:
-It has to be medieval style and not bigger than 20cubes²
-It has to be ~20 Blocks away from any streets or cities/towns.
If you break those rules the house will get removed. Beware that it is legit to grief houses made by players.
4. Create a Fortress.
-Post a topic about making a fortress and have your 5 members of your faction reply, agreeing to create a fortress and live there.A fortress cannot be bigger than 300cubes² and has to be ~500 blocks away from streets and cities/towns. You NEED to have a faction to make a fortress.

OP Rights:
As an Operator, you have the rights to:
-help build Project Towns and Cities that get created by Admin
-Ban and mute players/netherban
-Jail them
-socialspy only for security, not for self-entertainment or extortion.
-help players, well all have the rights for that.

-Use WorldEdit or creative mode for personal use.
-Do NOT use cheated items for personal use, like killing people or such.
-Do NOT break any rules, gameplay rules included.
-Do NOT give away free items.
-Do NOT place mineral blocks randomly or any other block
-Do NOT Spam warps. Only use them if you really need them.
-Do NOT give away free money.
-Do NOT use any plugin commands for personal use.
-Do NOT op someone else.
-Before creating a town/city, post a Topic about the town or city. You need 5 players immigrated to that place too. They have to sign in the topic, agreeing to immigrate.There has to be a space of ~200blocks between towns/cities. Do NOT make any towns or cities illegal. They will get removed and the players who built it will get jailed/banned.




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