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 Arkanos Encyclopedia

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PostSubject: Arkanos Encyclopedia   Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:06 am

This post is old.Read the updated one in our new homepage!


You have finally arrived in Ared! Your new life begins here. You came here to forget your past. Equipped with 5 Anglos, your new journey begins here........

-Provide normal safety. A town belongs to a count, which can be elected from the players that live there.Towns cannot be built by a player OR OP without permission.They should be built in medieval-style and the houses in there shouldnt look too different from each other.
-Same conditions as town.
-Can be built with permission of the nearest Count. You need at least 5 players to build a fortress and a clan.
-Colonies can be made with permission of a Count. The count will have to give chosen players resources to find new land and make it liveable. Survival-Mode conditions. Traders can visit these places and trade items.
-High in the air. It is currently not possible to get up there without the help of a god. If the player actually does reach it, by making a tower, he will most likely get banned, because making small and high towers are not allowed.
-The player is allowed to make those everywhere.
-You will need permission of the nearest Count to build one. It may be cheaper, though Thieves can steal your money and kill you there.


-The player is NOT allowed to kill any animals that belong to a farm.Every other mobs are allowed to kill.
2. PvP
-PvP is only allowed in Arenas, or outside of a town/city. Though killing outside of a town or city could get you a bounty on your head. It is allowed to kill someone who has a bount on his head.

Breaking rules

1. TownRules
-Breaking townrules will end in jail.The player's time in jail depends on what he did.
2. ServerRules
-Breaking a rule can end in permanent-ban. There is a warning for breaking chat-rules.


Known Places:
As said in previous post, we will start from scratch.I want this whole project more organized so here's the plan guys.
And those without creative mode, try to help the Ops as good as you can, maybe you'll get rewarded.



------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ared --------------------------- Jago'oth

------------------------------------ Serius

URL to Map:http://minecraft.nitrado.net/map/
(Note: Map updates slowly, about 1-2 days until update)

Towns and Places:
(coast)(harbor and town):Areteg(100% complete)
Description:Not a very old town, it still is one of the most famous. It is known for it's harbour.
Though this only consists of some wooden planks, it's one of the only places a ship can dock.

(swamp)(village):Mülgas Linn(90% complete)
Description:While looking like a forgotten village at first glance, this place is one of the most
alive places at night in Arkanos. It is said that only Sorcerer live here.

--Population:(Seasparrow31,purplevisor, judewelos)

Jhornheim(0% complete)

Nether(places only accessable per teleporters):
(rebuilt ruins)(city):Infernerra(10% complete)
Description:Built on the base of old ruins, this is one of the largest cities known.

Current known gods:

-Viril, god of Courage
-Mort, god of Death (multiple persons)


1. What is Arkanos and why is it next to my name?
-Arkanos is the name of the world. The name next to yours is the channel you are in. To change the channel type in /channel (channel name). At the bottom is a list of current channels.

2. Why am I "stranger"?
-You have just joined the server and you have no rights. To apply for citizenship/rights, go here.

3. Can I build a house?
-Yes and no. You can, in the wilderness, though you can get killed there (by players) and your house can get griefed.

4. What is griefing?
-Destroying things that doesn't belong to you. It is only allowed in the wilderness. If you destroy anything else than player-houses, it will count as grief. Do NOT destroy any buildings with this sign:
If you make that sign yourself and use it on your building to save your house from "griefers", that will count as cheating and both will result in permanent ban.

5. What is Role-Play?
-If you do not know what that is then you should better leave.

6. I cannot remember all of this.
- Don't worry, there is a book version(you can read them in our server) in our server.

Gameplay Rules:
1. Creating a town:
-Only the king can be able to create towns and cities. The king has to follow the TownCreationGuidelines.
2.Creating a faction:
-You need 5 Players to create a Faction. Post a Topic in the Forums with each of the players replied on the topic. Any faction with less than 5 Players will get deleted.
3. Building houses.
-It is not allowed to build houses inside towns. It is allowed to build them in the wilderness.
There are several conditions that must be held:
-It has to be medieval style and not bigger than 20cubes²
-It has to be ~20 Blocks away from any streets or cities/towns.
If you break those rules the house will get removed. Beware that it is legit to grief houses made by players.
4. Create a Fortress.
-Post a topic about making a fortress and have your 5 members of your faction reply, agreeing to create a fortress and live there.A fortress cannot be bigger than 300cubes² and has to be ~500 blocks away from streets and cities/towns. You NEED to have a faction to make a fortress.

OP Rights:
As an Operator, you have the rights to:
-help build Project Towns and Cities that get created by Admin
-Ban and mute players/netherban
-Jail them
-socialspy only for security, not for self-entertainment or extortion.
-help players, well all have the rights for that.

-Use WorldEdit or creative mode for personal use.
-Do NOT use cheated items for personal use, like killing people or such.
-Do NOT break any rules, gameplay rules included.
-Do NOT give away free items.
-Do NOT place mineral blocks randomly or any other block
-Do NOT Spam warps. Only use them if you really need them.
-Do NOT give away free money.
-Do NOT use any plugin commands for personal use.
-Do NOT op someone else.
-Do NOT mess with plugin configs.
-Before creating a town/city, post a Topic about the town or city. You need 5 players immigrated to that place too. They have to sign in the topic, agreeing to immigrate.There has to be a space of ~200blocks between towns/cities. Do NOT make any towns or cities illegal. They will get removed and the players who built it will get jailed/banned.


Channel list:


Do not use any OP-Command without permission.
This excludes:




"Haters gonna hate."

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PostSubject: Re: Arkanos Encyclopedia   Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:16 pm

Thank you for having this, I seriously do wish more people came on this forum...

I have a suggestion though, why not have a God of Nature? I could rock that. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Arkanos Encyclopedia   Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:18 am

I'll keep adding gods, though I need players impersonating them too.
nice idea




"Haters gonna hate."
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PostSubject: Re: Arkanos Encyclopedia   

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Arkanos Encyclopedia
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