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 Back on Bukkit!

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PostSubject: Back on Bukkit!   Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:26 am

Bukkit has updated, and, we are changing into Beta-Phase.
That means, basically, some new rules.
For more information on our buildings projects, visit this topic.
Whitelist is gone again...though we added permissions. WorldGuard is active, creepers dont explode, spout support etc.
I've tried to make the server more lightweight, or at least tried.
Please report any lagg(not your own internet lagg).

There should be a Board with them on it. Read it. Every town has different Rules.

As in beta-phase, they still remain same.

I am still looking for some staff members:
-Forum Admin
-Forum Designer
-Forum weekly writer

-World Architect
-Quest Writer
-Chat moderator

Please remember this post keeps updating itself until...next post...well...




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Back on Bukkit!
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