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PostSubject: SERVER-PROGRESS   Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:55 am

As said in previous post, we will start from scratch.I want this whole project more organized so here's the plan guys.
And those without creative mode, try to help the Ops as good as you can, maybe you'll get rewarded.

Right now we are in Beta-Phase. So post some suggestions to improve this server!



------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ared --------------------------- Jago'oth

------------------------------------ Serius

URL to Map:http://minecraft.nitrado.net/map/
(Note: Map updates slowly, about 1-2 days until update)

Towns and Places:
(coast)(harbor and town):Areteg(100% complete)
Description:Not a very old town, it still is one of the most famous. It is known for it's harbour.
Though this only consists of some wooden planks, it's one of the only places a ship can dock.

(swamp)(village):Mülgas Linn(90% complete)
Description:While looking like a forgotten village at first glance, this place is one of the most
alive places at night in Arkanos. It is said that only Sorcerer live here.

Jhornheim(0% complete)

Nether(places only accessable per teleporters):
(rebuilt ruins)(city):Infernerra(10% complete)
Description:Built on the base of old ruins, this is one of the largest cities known.

Current known gods:

-Viril, god of Courage
Whitelist is currently activated.Tell your friends about the server and let them register here so they can join the fun!


I'm pretty strict with ServerRules, so follow them:
(1.Do not build random buildings all over the world. They will get deleted, so please do not build without permission.)Rule under probation.
2.This is a role-play server, so behave as in RP.
3.Do not spam,swear, or talk any other language than english(for now).
4.Do not grief.

Note:You might notice all of those are under probation.
You can discuss if it should be in-game in this post.
-it is "a" OR "b".
(-1.1a Earn money through plugins)PROBATION
(-1.1b Earn money manually through owners of towns and cities etc.)PROBATION
-1.2 Sell and buy items

(2. Create a town)PROBATION
(2.1 You need at least X people to make one and a specific number of money)PROBATION
(2.2 Electing a leader of a town/city:
-2.2a OPs choose someone
-2.2b Players can choose)PROBATION

(3. Creating a faction
3.1 You will need at least X people for one)PROBATION

(4. Building houses in wilderness or town)PROBATION
(-4.a allowed)PROBATION
(-4.b not allowed)PROBATION

5. Creating a Fortress
-5.a You need at least 5 people to build one.

More will be added later...




"Haters gonna hate."

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PostSubject: I can't connect   Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:07 am

I can't connect, I have no idea if im doing something wrong but, for me it's like the server is off confused confused
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PostSubject: Re: SERVER-PROGRESS   Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:23 am

I am restarting the server...seems like some other server is using the port(?)
But it is fixed now, you can join again.




"Haters gonna hate."
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PostSubject: Re: SERVER-PROGRESS   

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