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 Weekly Update # (The post no mortal reads)

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PostSubject: Weekly Update # (The post no mortal reads)   Sat Nov 19, 2011 3:24 am

Hi guys!
So sorry for not being here for about a week or two but my internet was gone. Honestly, it’s still gone, I’m just writing this because I have some free-time. So, new layout for news!

You’ve probably known that after 2 days me missing, the criminality got 86% up. Yep, even an OP is a criminal. If I find that guy, he’s gonna be dead. Yesterday(from the day I am writing this) I got access to internet at a friend’s friend’s house(thanks mahri16!). Made a backup, but it seems someone is still griefing. With griefing I mean using WorldEdit. So, either we find that OP or I will disable WorldEdit for ALL Ops(gasp!). Either way, portals still don’t work. I think it will take some time until they suddenly work again, so you have to walk (or suicide at tutorial world) if no OP is near.

As I have said earlier, a tutorial World was implented. It’s a nice world for new players, though to get the book you must be a Citizen. There is no way to fix that so either register before joining or just leave that book alone. I will make an opportunity for those who missed it to get it later on. Portals don’t work, so either suicide or get teleported by an OP at the end of the world.
As some players aren’t following the rules, please report them in the forum, with Screenshots as proof.
Zwangi is a new OP in our server! Congratulations!
(Pic here)




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Weekly Update # (The post no mortal reads)
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