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 Weekly Update #5 (Welcome to InfinityCraft!)

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PostSubject: Weekly Update #5 (Welcome to InfinityCraft!)   Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:11 am

You may have noticed that I changed the Banner...
Well...for that...have some updates:

Donations are welcome!
You can also donate for special items and prefixes!
P.S.Your in-game name should be similar to that of your Nitrado account.It makes my life easier.
RPGstarterkit: 0.10€
RPGadvancedkit: 0.30€
RPGlegendkit: 0.50€
BuilderRights: 1,50€ (I know its a lot...but you get acceess to creative mode!)
Free yourself from taxes: 0.50€

-Creeper(green) 1,00€
-Holy Knight(gray)1,00€
-Enderman(Black) 1,00€
-Donator(light yellow)(unlocks automatically after donating)
-Gold Donator(gold)(unlocks automatically after donating a special amount)+2.00€ monthly
-Dark Knight(purple)1,00€
-make yourself one(color darkgreen)1,40€




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Weekly Update #5 (Welcome to InfinityCraft!)
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