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 Weekly Update #3 (There sure are some griefs around here...)

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PostSubject: Weekly Update #3 (There sure are some griefs around here...)   Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:51 am

Hello again guys...sorry i couldnt write some awesome updates..Not that i didnt know of any interesting
topics...just school and stuff.So....as you may have read in the title....griefs....yeah...they're back.
And that griefer sure has some mad humor....not sure if you call this a grief...more like vandalism
but have some screenies.And before that...a list...
Current known griefs:
Elg+Friends world:
Holes in the floor
A building got griefed
Freebuild World:
-Spawn got covered with cake....it was NO lie!!

Yeah that was it....now for screenies...not sure if this is grief or just some...well...new "stuff" that zwangi
added to the server.

A fiery welcome...

Zwangi with cigarette...thats a prank,right?

A closeup...very detailed...it even burns!

And last but not least...my gigantic Canvas for pixelart!


And that was it for now.Until next grief time!

EDIT:Oh well..I just talked with zwangi..he made those 2 things...nevermind the title...still there were griefs in the elg+friends world...




"Haters gonna hate."
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Weekly Update #3 (There sure are some griefs around here...)
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