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 Quick Update #3 (We should really call it Daily Update)

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PostSubject: Quick Update #3 (We should really call it Daily Update)   Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:49 am

Yeah so today isn't such an adventorous day(is that even a word?).It's raining(where I live) and nothing really special in minecraft. Yesterday Zwangi and renir have built some awesome ruins and a gigantic long aqueduct.Pulmoll99 helped too, and he has currently builder-rights for that mission.The ruins look pretty nice, the only bad thing is to find them.It's hard to look for them in that big jungle.But if you find them, post some screenshots as a comment and I will update the screenie section of this post.And to the aqueduct, its not filled with water as usual, but with a minecart.Drive it and look for a small surprise Zwnagi made! It will sure surprise you.Really.Surprise.No joke.I've also added a Mine and a Tunnel to the Hidden City.You can expand the mine, just dont let it "smelt" into other places of the city.The tunnel leads to another Island of Terrak.Oh i forgot to mention that Terrak is the name of the Continent.This other Island will be the home of the new city.We are going to build it soon,I'll just update this post.I'm alsoexperimenting on the plugin "Factions".Let's see what it can and how it works.I'll maybe use it if it's good.Now to some updates and other stuff:

-Hidden City updated
-New Island found

Post some in the comments!

So that was it for today until I update this topic!
See ya!




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Quick Update #3 (We should really call it Daily Update)
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